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Our Goal Is To Keep It Local!


Local artists

Cannabis community is all about inclusion. We embrace differences, we embrace creativity. Our walls are decorated with local art. We’ve showcased their work and information so you can connect with them and discover what they’re all about. We also feature local cannabis glasswork for purchase in our store. Each local piece is hand crafted with care and customizable.


SPCA donations/adoption events

We love pets! Pets are always welcome in our store because we are pet friendly. We take SPCA donations and hold adpotion events to support the SPCA. We actively participate in Ales for Tails and any other 19+ fundraisers to help the local pet community.


Woman’s Support with Woman’s Wednesday

Yes, that’s right, a safe space for women to shop in the cannabis community.


Seniors, education and a promise

Each person’s journey to cannabis is unique. Each person’s experience with cannabis is different. Some seek uplifting and euphoric experiences, while others prefer relaxation or medication. Whatever your reason, whatever your path, we aim to educate and help you find a fit for the experience you’re looking for. Our promise, regardless of your path and journey, is that we will be welcoming, educational and inviting.

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